School Photos

We are a local company serving local schools. Our friendly photographers and staff take pride in providing exceptional customer service to our schools. We provide a wide range of custom services to fit each school's specific needs. We go to the schools on an agreed upon day and provide students with proofs to take home the same day. We also return to do retakes and open the studio to parents and students who may have missed the dates to have their school photos taken. We provide schools with digital copies of student photos and offer other services such as ID cards and birthday cards. For more information about what services we provide or if you would like to book an appointment to speak with our photographer about booking your school please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


School Photos

We provide parents with two different poses to choose from as well as a variety of styles, sizes and products. We also offer retouching of photos and a family plan option. If parents purchase two student packages the third child package is free. When ordering you have the option of Standard photos or Bordered photos. The Bordered photos come with a rectangular border which includes the student's first name and the school year. Both Standard and Bordered and Modern photos are available in Colour and Black & White, and are available in several sizes including:

* mini wallets
* 2x3 wallets
* 3.5x5
* 5x7
* 8x10
* larger custom orders are also available

We offer several packages to meet your family's needs, and also offer individual sheets of photos which can be purchased in addition to any package, or without a package. Also we can provide digital copies of all photos to make it easier to upload online. Check out our personalized products and create special gifts with your child’s school portraits.

                            school photo calander 

Bordered Style                                                                      Calendar 

school photo                     school photo

Standard                                                                           Black and White with Modern Border



                                                   Set up in the gym or on the stage at some of our local schools.