Passport Photos

passport photosPhotos are Guaranteed. We will retake your photo at no extra charge if your photos do not meet specifications. Photo specifications change regularly. If you require a passport for a country other than Canada or the USA, you may wish to bring your specifications with you to improve the chance of your photo being approved at the passport office.

We offer photos for:

  • Passports
  • Citizenship Cards
  • Visas
  • Infants

Passport photos for nearly every country in the world. Call ahead at which of our studio is closet to you to ensure we can take your country's passport photo.

Photo Specifications for Canadian Passports:

  • Wearing glasses is acceptable, but not recommended.
  • Wearing sunglasses is not permitted
  • Photos must show a full head without any head covering, unless it is worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons. However, both edges of the face must be clearly visible.
  • Photos must show a neutral facial expression.

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"The fastest passport service in town is so true, we were leaving to head south for the winter and realized we were missing a passport , went over at 8:15 in the am and Rob Johnson and his associate were both there, had the door unlocked and we had the picture done and out of there in 10 minutes. Went to Customs office in HFX before 10:00 and had a new passport at 3:00 that afternoon. Thank you Pridhams (Rob) for allowing us in and providing quality customer service."  -Wendy Chapman                                                            



Baby passport photos are also available here!

baby passport