Welcome to Pridhams Photography Studio

Founded in 1880, Pridham’s Studio is the oldest, biggest and most successful photography studio in the Maritimes. Pridham's have been innovators in the photography business for over 100 years. With locations in Truro, New Glasgow and Sackville, our professional photographers have been the recipients of numerous awards including photographer of the year.  We are at the cutting edge of the current digital wave with online services and partnership with Fotodepot, that offers customers the option of ordering and uploading pictures at home. We also offer digital copies of prints while also being the only place to develop 35mm film. From the darkroom to online ordering, Pridham’s Studio has and continues to be the number one choice for generations of families in the maritimes.  

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The name Pridham goes back to before George Eastman created Kodak and continues today as a thriving business. Passed down and expanded over three generations of Pridham's, the business that started in Sackville NB has expanded into NS with two locations and has no plans of slowing down any time soon. Each owner has passed down his expertise and experience, upgrading and training the staff to maintain the professional approach to pictures and innovations in photography. With so many years in the business and community, Pridham's has and always will be a name people can trust.

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As a member of the community for over 100 years, Pridham's has been a part of hundreds of weddings, student graduations, and local commercial photography events. Thousands of students are photographed for their school photos every year and countless families come to Pridham's for baby or family portraits. Pridham's owners Harry and  Robert Pridham has been an ongoing supporter of local benefits and auctions and has contributed to the Salvation army as well as the hospital for many years.